Decode, with Rainbows Introduction

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Decode, with Rainbows is a collection of simple and beautiful resources that help to explain those baffling technology words and definitions, so that amazing business women and students can get back to creating their life’s passion in this crazy technology dependent world.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
Hello dear reader, and welcome to Decode, with Rainbows.
The world today is crazy dependent on technology. I know it can be scary and confusing sometimes with all this technology around us. Things like trendy glasses that let you watch movies. Fridges that order your groceries for you. An App to help you check that you brushed your teeth for the recommended time. Smart cars that can drive you to your destination, with no actual person driving! Smart homes that can tell you who is at your door, while you’re at work!
But then there are even bigger challenges for you, within your small business. You have to know about websites, social media marketing, cloud computing, big data, the internet of things and a cool automatic Instagram scheduler (for your awesome non-work photos).
And then there are the networking events, meetings and office conversations. Someone will say something like ‘augmented reality’ or ‘immersive experience’ or ‘JavaScript’. And your brain is like, ‘are they talking English?’ ‘Did they just make up that word?’ ‘Should I nod and agree?’
We have all been there. Even me! I have secretly googled words that I have read or heard discussed in conversations. And I am within the Technology Industry.
This industry is moving so rapidly and expansively that even people within it cannot keep up. This is a chance to challenge our learning skills and evolve. And I am here to help you, my friend.
Before we start though, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone within the Information Technology Industry. I bless you and thank you for your continuing effects, ideas, skills, and contributions to this industry. I welcome your feedback and thoughts, but please also keep in mind, my audience. This is a kind and gentle space for all.
Let’s waste no more time. And start out journey into decoding the language of technology together.

Deocde, with rainbows