Discussing VR

discussing vr

Discussions on Virtual Reality

As part of this project I wanted to find out how other people felt about Virtual Reality and the impact and effects it has or could have, on the world including within the Creative industry and Information Technology industry. I started by watching some very informative YouTube videos by TEDx Talks. A few of these videos discussed Virtual Reality, what it is, what the future holds for it and the way people felt about it, and also the changes it could bring to the world. Below are some of my favourites.

This first TEDx Talks recording, (above) TEDxLondon, is of Anthony Geffen, who is one of the world’s leading documentary and film producers. Anthony talks about storytelling in Virtual Reality. He discusses a Virtual Reality project he undertook with his team and David Attenborough as they explored and portrayed the story of the Great Barrier Reef. He also describes the connection between storytelling and Virtual Reality and how they can be combined to create something amazing and extraordinary.

“It’s the stories that are going to drive this medium (Virtual Reality). I want to think when somebody puts their first headset on they are blown away and they realize this is the storytelling medium. This is without doubt a step in human evolution”….. “Let the storytellers take this opportunity on what I think that is a very exciting medium.” – Anthony Geffen (TEDx Talks, 2016).

This TEDx video from 2015, TEDxCincinnati (above), is from Alex Faaborg, who is part of the Virtual Reality design team at Google. He talks about designing for Virtual Reality and the challenges and user experience behaviour designers need to be aware of. For example, motion sickness and not to scare the user unintentionally. He also mentions Google’s Tilt Brush and shows a demonstration video of some of the brilliant artwork created within the program. He also discusses how Virtual Reality can be used in an incredible way within the Education industry.

“The team working on cardboard (Google Cardboard) really deeply believes in the principle that Virtual Reality can be for everyone.” – Alex Faaborg (TEDx Talks, 2015).

“We believe that Virtual Reality doesn’t have to be tremendously expensive. It can have huge implications for everyone from art to education.” – Alex Faaborg (TEDx Talks, 2015).

The TEDx video (above) from February 2015 TEDxEastEnd, is not really on my chosen topic of Virtual Reality within the Creative Industry, but it discusses a very inspirational topic around creating positive change through Virtual Reality. The presenter, David Sackman who is CEO of Lieberman Research Worldwide (the visionary behind AppliedVR), discusses his dream of wanting to use Virtual Reality to help create a positive change to make the world a better place. He gives examples of some of the current Virtual Reality projects that are experimenting in changing users’ behaviour in a positive way, and how these projects, and others, can be used to actually change human behaviour to make the world a better place.

“Doesn’t it make sense that we can use Virtual Reality to create acceptance across societies and races? Doesn’t it make sense that we can use Virtual Reality to reduce poverty? Doesn’t it make sense the we can use Virtual Reality to build self-esteem and confidence in women in children, in everyone? My hope is to inspire you and to stimulate your thinking around questions like these and the use of Virtual Reality to solve these kinds of problems.” – David Sackman (TEDx Talks, 2015).

This TEDx video (above) TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven, is presented by Jip Samhound, who is the former Dutch Youth Primer Minister. He talks about connecting people with Virtual Reality and using Virtual Reality Technologies for individual and social experiences. For example, discovering people’s different perspectives in different situations. How would VR change society?

“If we can use that technology (Virtual Reality) to really improve the world, then we can do strong things. “– Jip Samhond (TEDx Talks, 2016).

“Seeing these new realities (Virtual Reality) we can really change, connect, and aspire the world. Because in the end if you can aspire the world, you can really inspire them to change the world for the better. And I believe here, we can actually change to make a brighter future, together.” – Jip Samhoud (TEDx Talks, 2016).

Thanks for reading. Zoe

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