Major Brands in VR

Major Brands in VR

The big major brands at the moment in Virtual Reality that are worth paying attention too are: Oculus (Oculus Rift), PlayStation (PlayStation VR) and HTC (HTC Vive). I should also mention Samsung (Samsung Gear VR) and Google (Google Daydream View) as companies to watch as well. But these two companies seem to be focusing, at the moment, on Virtual Reality with Smart Phones whereas the other big major players are developing new and exciting VR Technologies, including each having their own headsets and accessories.

VR Brands and Creatives

So what do they offer for the creative person? Remember my topic being VR in the Fashion, TV & Movie and Visual Arts Industry. What do these VR companies bring to table for these interesting creatives in the fashion, TV & movie or Visual Arts worlds?

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift, owned by Facebook, created by Palmer Luckey is an amazing piece of Virtual Reality technology with unbelievable user experience. Oculus has also partnered with top manufactures to provide Oculus ready PC’s. You can also purchase Oculus Rift apps from Steam as you do with HTC Vive (as mentioned below). The Oculus Rift VR apps that I believe will be the most helpful for creatives are:

  • Stajit Play – Storyboarding in VR, draw and stage your story all within VR.
  • Sketchfab VR – publish and explore everything 3D in VR, also has a community and library.
  • Jaunt VR – experience cinematic VR in this fully immersive app.
  • Woofbert – innovative and transformative VR experience available in art and culture, immersive VR art experience.
  • Open VR Video Player – plays all different file types including 3D, and 360 degrees videos.

I felt the need to share this amazing video below from Oculus as it demonstrates the unbelievable amazing possibilities for the future of Virtual Reality, especially for creatives. Below is a YouTube view of Goro Fujita, the Art Director at Oculus who talks about Art in Virtual Reality, and how the two, newly revealed Virtual Reality Software Quill and Medium, can change the way we see and create art.

PlayStation VR

While PlayStation’s main focus is making awesome and incredible VR games available for the gamer, they don’t really offer much for the creative person at the moment (but the future holds promise). The visual effects within some of the games are just WOW, and are very appealing for someone that can appreciate the beauty of the worlds in some of the PlayStation VR games, but no tools or application for creatives are available in PS VR at the moment. But PlayStation does state on their website that PS VR has other experiences coming soon. Some of these PS VR experiences include:

  • Littlstar VR Cinema – a collection of 360 degree videos and fully immersive experiences (Available in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive),
  • Within – VR storytelling (Also available in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive),
  • Vrideo – VR streaming channels, and Lens – stream a selection of cinema products.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive consists of a partnership between HTC and Valve (SteamVR). Using your Steam account, you can view and purchase SteamVR games and software for the HTC Vive. The list is endless, so many cool VR games and amazing VR software. The VR software that stood out for me, and would be good for creatives to use are:

  • Cmoar VR Cinema – to experience the cinema at home on VR.
  • Simple VR Video Player – as the name implies, it’s a video player for VR.
  • VR Capture – free tool to create amazing VR videos.
  • VR Gallery – explore your images in VR. Thread Studio – interactive way to bring t-shirt ideas to life in VR. Design and model your t-shirts in VR then once done, share, print and deliver them (available in Oculus Rift as well).
  • PresenZ – create pre-rendered volumetric movies. InVR – publishing and discovery platform for Computer Generated VR experiences. Includes an artist’s community.

Early access software for HTC Vive:

  • Artstage – paint and color on any 3D model textures.
  • Kodon – which is an early stage 3D sculpting program for roomscale VR.
  • Craftmas – create 3D ornaments and share them in VR.
  • VoxVR – creative tool for 3D models using small blocks in VR.
  • Gravity Sketch – another 3D creative tool for 3D models, scenes, and art.
  • Sketchbox – used for fast, simple low-fidelity prototyping with drawing and moving of shapes.

Other VR software to mention is:

  • Think Space – a brainstorming and remote collaboration app for virtual Reality, and
  • Limelight VR – VR experience where you are situated on stage, perfect for practicing public speaking or performance skills.

Two very similar but completely different VR experiences for drawing, painting and sculpting are the VR apps, PaintLab and Tilt Brush. I have mentioned Tilt Brush in my previous post when talking about the amazing projects for Visual Arts in Virtual Reality. I think Tilt Brush have so much potential for creatives, the possibilities are endless.

So what’s next?

Well as you can see from above, there is plenty in store for the future of VR, and creatives can jump on board this amazing ride. Developers and creators of Virtual Reality are breaking the rules and creating innovative and exciting new products and technologies. Today, we can jump from exploring our artistic side in Tilt Brush or creating fashion items in Thread Studio or mastering and displaying your cool videos in Littlstar VR Cinema, I will say it again, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for reading. Zoe

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