My Project Plan

My Project Plan

Hello! This blog is to summarize my Project Proposal and Project Plan. This is a small abstract from my Project Proposal and Project Plan Document.

About the Project

My research topic will be focusing on Virtual Reality and the Creative Industries. Basically, I want to find out if the latest developments in Virtual Reality are helping or hindering the Creative Industry. I want to find out and explore my theory that;

Virtual Reality Technology will continue to grow and become an effective method for advancing and expanding the Creative Industries in the next 5 years.

I will be delivering a series of web pages (for example a series of 5-6 web pages) or mini website under my website, that includes data such as textual, graphical, photographic, audio, video, screen captures, online interview transcripts, and reflective notes. I hope to represent my findings in an interesting and interactive way.

Statement of Innovation

My statement of Innovation is as follows.

With the new progress and developments in Virtual Reality Technology, it has become a very popular piece of technology to acquire. As it becomes more and more popular in all different industries throughout the world, I want to prove that it can be, and will be, an effective method in advancing and expanding the creative industries.

Project Methodology

I have chosen to use Qualitative Research with Netnography. Qualitative Research Methodology uses wide variety of approaches to and methods for the study of natural social life. And Netnography involves participant-observational research grounded in fieldwork conducted in online social environment. I don’t have any experience with either research methodologies, so I will be conducting research to investigate if these are suitable for this project.

Project Time Line

The project has been scheduled to commence on the 13/12/16 and conclude on the 16/01/16. The week before the project are dedicated to project planning, and the weeks after the project are dedicated to Capstone Project Report and Seminar preparation and delivery.

Project Summary

Below is a project summary of the tasks I will be completing.

Thanks for reading. Zoe

Progress Report Week 4