Project Closure


Project Closure (Final Blog)

Every story has an ending and every show has a finale. And every project must come to an end. As this project comes to a close, I want to discuss my journey and reflect on what I have learned. This project was very interesting and I hope I have learned many new skills and improving others.

My Topic: – A look into Virtual Reality and the Creative Industries

Theory to prove: – ‘Virtual Reality Technology will continue to grow and become an effective method for advancing and expanding the Creative Industries in the areas of Fashion, TV & Movies and Visual Arts, in the next 5 years‘.

What I delivered for this Project

Focusing on my topic of Virtual Reality and the Creative Industries in the areas of Fashion, TV, movies and Visual arts, I delivered the following:

  • Weekly blogs with interesting content and Progress Reports.
  • Literature Review on the latest Virtual Reality projects within my topic.
  • Collection of Resources: Virtual Reality News, Virtual Reality Apps, and Virtual Reality YouTube videos, (on my topic).
  • Seminar Video summarizing the project journey.

All these features can be found on my website in the (VR Project) section.

What was Not Delivered

As part of the Collection of Resources section of the project, I wanted to include Podcasts, Online interview transcripts and Virtual Reality App reviews, but due to the time limit, I wasn’t able to include these features. I also wanted to focus more on Netnographic data analysis techniques as I felt I could learn more and use these techniques to my advantage to help me prove my theory.

Future Study Ideas

My proposed plan for future study for my theory would be to create a study or observation experiment that focuses on Creatives at their different stages of their careers, using Virtual Reality in some form into their daily routine. As the newer Virtual Reality Technology is still being fully developed (Tilt Brush and Quill) this might become a limitation. But we can observe the users and their experiences while they use the Virtual Reality apps and see if they feel this helps or hinders them and if they feel they could grow or improve their skills and education within the Creative Industry.

Lessons learned

I think the biggest lesson I have learned and will practice in the future when doing a research based study, is to plan well and plan for delays. And also be adaptive. Even though this project was very short in duration I still had delays, and some of them got me a little behind in schedule, (not by much) but I was able to adapt and reschedule to stick within the normal delivery dates.

I also learned that the time taken to read materials and resources take longer than I expected, especially if you want to get the best from that piece of resource. Reading takes time, and a lot of it. Writing also takes time, and editing. And even designing website pages. If I was to do something different and better next time around, I would better plan my hours for my reading, writing, editing and designing. I would also start an Annotated Bibliography earlier. I found that, even by a week, having any type of annotated bibliography done early is really helpful for planning and writing the literature review and finding out what previous work has been done on the chosen topic.


My research topic has been a very fascinating and influential topic to discuss. Virtual Reality technology was not something I knew a lot about. I had no idea of the recent or past developments in Virtual Reality or how it could play a part in the Creative Industry. I chose Virtual Reality simply because it was a new influence and trend on the world. And I wanted to explore any relationships between it, and the Creative Industry.

I have certainly learned a lot about the Virtual Reality from reading past research projects and exploring recent ones. I have also learned and improved my research skills. Even though this was a short project I developed a better understanding what is involved in research projects and the types of research methods available, like Netnography and Ethnography and how to apply them.

It was also interesting to see all my skills and knowledge learned from doing previous Information Technology subjects, come together. Learning and applying the skills, like Project Management skills, Web Development skills and Research skills, together in the one project to produce an outcome (e.g. product).


It is the end, unfortunately. But I will leave this project up on my website for 2017 along with the resources and past blogs. I want others to read of my journey and read about the cool and amazing advancements of Virtual Reality and how it is a positive influence on the Creative Industry. These web pages will also encourage my inspiration and motivation, (and I hope others) to either continue on with researching the topic, or brainstorm and plan for the next amazing project.

Thanks for reading. Zoe

Final Progress Report